All About NYCSR (New York City Shiba Rescue)

NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc.(NYCSR) was founded in April 2007. NYCSR is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under the Not-for-Profit corporation law of New York State & is a federal 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation.

Our Mission Statement

NYC Shiba Rescue (NYCSR) is an all volunteer group dedicated to contributing to the quality of life of Shiba Inu in & around the New York City metropolitan area. To that end, NYCSR actively works to rescue Shiba Inu & Shiba Inu mixed breed dogs from dangerous environments & shelters in order to find them loving, permanent homes. We will, among other things, foster & evaluate Shiba Inu in order to prepare them for adoption & seek out proper adoptive homes for the dogs. NYCSR also promotes responsible dog ownership by educating the public on our shiba resources page under the care & training of dogs section.

Rescuing Shiba Inu & Shiba Inu Mixed Breed Dogs

NYC Shiba Rescue (NYCSR) tries to help Shiba in need in the New York City metropolitan area whenever possible. We are not a shelter. Our Shiba are fostered in volunteer homes until the appropriate forever home can be found for each dog. Most of our rescue Shiba Inu come from shelters or are owner surrenders. We are only able to accept dogs that either are adoptable, or we believe will be adoptable. Unfortunately, this does not include dogs with aggression issues or a bite history.

We evaluate temperament before accepting any dog. When we take a dog into foster care, the first step is a full medical examination by a veterinarian. Any health issues will be taken care of as recommended by our veterinarian & an appointment for a spay or neuter will be made if necessary. We spay/neuter all intact foster dogs in our care ASAP. We only delay if recommended by our vet for health reasons.

We will never adopt out an intact Shiba. After the dog has settled into foster care another temperament evaluation is performed. Our fosters are tested with other dogs, people, kids & whenever possible cats. If any unforeseen temperament issues are uncovered, we consult a professional trainer for advice. Socialization will continue throughout foster care & basic obedience will also be started or reinforced. When a dog is health & temperament approved, they can then be put up for adoption.

Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership

We work to educate the public regarding responsible dog ownership in general & the Shiba Inu breed in particular. We particpate in events such as the AKC’s Responsible Dog Ownership Day & the Super Pet Expo. We created and distribute a Meet the Breed brochure which describes breed characteristics of the Shiba Inu & where to & not to, buy a puppy or adopt a rescue dog & we attempt to spread the word about breed-specific rescue groups & the alternatives to buying puppies from pet stores & backyard breeders.

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